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WDRA New Delhi sponsored an Online Learning programme on Warehouse Management and scientific storage for the PACCS secretaries of Tiruppur Districts from 17.8.2020 to 21.8.2020. The programme was inaugurated by Shri P.Srinivas, Chairman, WDRA Newdelhi, Shri.T.Prabhu, JRCS; Tiruppur Region stressed the importants of storage in his facilitation address. Dr.R.Gopalsamy Director I/c thanked the WDRA and JR Tiruppur for their support in conducted of the programme. On 21st August 2020 in the valedictory session participants expressed the usefulness of the programme. Shri.Harpreet Singh Ji Member, WDRA New Delhi, assured to extend their support in issue of NERL Warehouse report. Shri Vinay Kumar Chauhan, DD WDRA New Delhi stressed the participants to achieve full capacity utilization of their guidelines. Dr.R.Gopalsamy, Director I/c, Dr.S.Dharmaraj Faculty & coordinated thanked the officials of WDRA, JRCS Tiruppur O/o CWC, Chennai and other guest O/o JRCS faculties.